about our beers

All of our beers are hand crafted. We strive for the highest quality in all the beers we brew.

Each recipe is researched and tested to make sure it is unique and reprents the style well.

We fear no beer!

Light,crisp, refreshing beer. Pale straw in color, crystal clear.

  • Style: Cream Ale
  • ABV 5.6%
  • IBU : 17
  • hops: Williamette
  • malts: Two-row Pale, Flaked Corn, Flaked Rice

Light, refreshing wheat beer. Pale straw in color. Hints of orange.

  • Style: American Wheat
  • ABV 5.3%
  • IBU : 15
  • hops: Magnum
  • malts: Two-row Pale, Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats

Light, refreshing Belgian wit beer. Hints of orange and coriander.

  • Style: Belgian Wit
  • ABV 5.3%
  • IBU : 16
  • hops: Magnum, Simcoe
  • malts: Two-row, Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats, Orange Blossom Honey, Coriander, Bitter and Sweet Orange Peel

German Kolsch

  • Style: Kolsch
  • ABV 6.7%
  • IBU : 26.2
  • hops: Amarillo
  • malts: Pilsner, Munich